Facility Maintenance
& Turnarounds

Expert support
when you need it

Expert support
when you need it

With field offices across Western Canada and the United States, and a diverse team with a wide range of expertise, we are able to provide exceptional support for maintenance, shutdowns, and turnarounds. 


• Facility maintenance turnarounds
• Pipeline maintenance and repairs
• Facility modifications
• Field and plant maintenance
• Process improvement
• Project management
• Operational support
• Inspection services
• Regulation compliance
• Contractor management
• Piping modifications
• Reclamation

Less downtime

Advanced technology, streamlined workflows, strong leadership, and integrated project deliveries, means your operations are profitable, quality assured, and completed with minimal downtime. We have a proven track record for safe, high quality work, and consistently delivering satisfaction.

Production Capacity

• 24,000 sqft fabrication facility and adjoining 3 acre yard.
• Tertiary facility with 10,000 sqft of shop space and a 5 acre modular assembly yard.
• Dual overhead cranes
• 2 jib crane
• 8 overhead bay doors
• 8 welding stations with dual feed welding machines with Tig, SST, GMAW, FCAW, SMAW
• 2 semi automated hypertherm 85 for beveling pipe and cutting capabilities
• 2 5000lb capability telehandlers
• Structural steel fabrication at 20,000kg per month
• 1000FDI per day capacity
• Piping and equipment module packages
• Painting

We've got the right team, resources, and capabilities
to keep your facilities operating at peak capacity.

Experienced Project Managers

QAQC Inspectors

Field Crews

Plant Crews

Heavy Equipment Operators

Picker Crane Operators

Labour Crews

In-House Engineering

Rapid Data Processing

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