Indigenous Ownership
Metis Nation of Alberta Region 3

Owner & CEO Wade (Tyler) Eno is a proud member of the Metis Nation of Alberta and has recognized leadership within the indigenous community throughout North America. We have a track record of respecting relationships that are built to work with first nations communities through inclusion, and are transparent in the way we communicate economic impacts, labour support, environmental stewardship and contract negotiation.



The core principle of our commitment to build relationships with Indigenous communities is respect. We recognize the diverse communities and Indigenous Peoples in the regions where we work and seek to foster relationships that are built on mutual respect and trust. We do that through community involvement, inclusion, and by being transparent.


We build trust with Indigenous communities by taking actions that display our ongoing commitment to respect and support those communities. A cornerstone of that commitment is consistent  and clear communication. From environmental stewardship to economic impacts, our communication is always up front and transparent.

Indigenous Inclusion

As part of our commitment to support Indigenous communities we have a diverse team of people and a workplace built on respect and equality. We strive to create opportunities for the inclusion of Indigenous Peoples on our team and support Indigenous businesses in the regions that we operate.