Meet Our Team

The diverse team at ONSITE3D is full of thought leaders, technical wizards, and industry veterans who have all come together to impact real change. Our people are full of talent and vision but check their ego at the door — we’re real people who love what we do and are passionate about making the future a reality.

Senior Leaders

Wade (Tyler) Eno

President & CEO

Vice President & CTO

Kyle Pickering

Vice President & CFO

Andrew Jonsson

Sr. Business & Operations
Development Manager

Dereck Wilson

Sr. Project Engineer

Stephen Wightman

Finance Manager

Kevin Rudulier

Divisional Leaders

Geomatics Manager

Russell Whelan

Design / Drafting Manager

Ed Browne

Manufacturing Manager

Ritchie Campbell

Fabrication Manager

Dustin Hummel

Field Services Operations Manager

Clayton Mowat

HSE Manager

Fred Krueger

HSE Coordinator

Marcel Viola

HR Coordinator

Chantelle Andersen

QAQC Manager

Matthew Schenn

Data Processing Manager

Dennis Tu

IT / Technical Support

Tommy Maddox

Marketing Manager

Clint Easton

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