Safety through culture
and modern safeguards

Safety through culture
and modern safeguards

From rigorous operating procedures, organizational culture to utilizing modern technology, we integrate safety into everything we do. Our data services are able to provide powerful insight that reduces the risk of safety infractions, reduces site visits, and decreases the possibility of accidents. The first priority of any job is safety, and we work effortlessly to contribute to a smarter work environment.

Safety Services

• Safety Watch

• Audits

• Safety Meetings

• Orientations

• Focus Inspections

• Training


• Hazard Assessment

• Accident Investigation


A Level Status

We maintain an A level status with all clients across Western Canada and routinely receive 100% WSO audits. Our certified and highly trained HSE team can provide you with ongoing support to ensure safe operations and regulatory compliance.


COR Certified



ABSA Certified

CWB Certified

Worksafe BC

OH&S Alberta


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