Connecting you
with technology

Connecting you
with technology

Technology is at the core of everything we do. By fully adopted cutting edge technology as a way to improve the quality, accuracy, efficiency, and integrity of our workflows we are able to deliver your projects at a high level of performance. Integration of emerging technology means your projects are delivered faster, safer, and at a lower cost.

Augmented / Virtual Reality

Highly detailed 3D data expands on the real world by adding multiple layers of digital information. Technology like the Microsoft Hololens 2 allows interaction with that data in virtual environments or can be superimposed on the physical world for enhanced visualization and analysis. 

• Decrease the number of preventable accidents
• Increases cost efficiency
• Highly accurate visualization
• Accelerated construction process
• Better design insights


Lidar is a process of remote sensing that using pulsed laser to measure ranges and variable distances. This highly accurate method of data collection is changing the paradigm of terrain mapping, site mapping, facility construction, engineering, and virtual design. 

• Rapid data capture
• Highly accurate surface data density
• Active illumination for capture day or night
• No geometric distortions
• Can be integrated with other data sources


Digital Transformation with 7D BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a workflow that generates data-rich models across the entire lifecycle of a project. Each phase of the project is enhanced with a dimension of sophisticated information. 

• 3D – Geometry and enhanced visualization
• 4D – Improved planning and schedule streamlining
• 5D – Cost visualization and real-time analysis
• 6D – Sustainability and reduced energy consumption
• 7D – Optimized maintenance and facility management  


Big Data

The ability to capture, process, analyze, and render large amounts of data efficiently is transforming the process of project efficiency 

Industrial Automation

Robotic manufacturing technologies such as our Spool Welding Robot are lowering fabrication times and increasing accuracy. By being a collaborative robot the SWR is able to be operated by a welder to improve shop productivity and produce consistent high-quality welds every time.

• Powerful built-in safety system
• Fast and easy set-up
• Advanced welding features
• Small footprint
• Semi-autonomous
• Accuracy threshold of 0.1mm


By networking physical assets that have embedded sensors, software, and other technologies, we are able to connect and exchange data between devices and systems efficiently. Captured data is available in real-time across the entire lifecycle of your project, and detailed reports can be generated, stored securely, and accessed over the internet by all stakeholders. 

• Greater quality control
• Enhanced project planning
• Improved project scoping
• Smart logistics and asset tracking
• Collaborative environment

Connecting you with the right technology to make your project a success

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