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Sparwood, British Columbia

Services Provided:

3D Scanning, Engineering & Design, Fabrication, Construction

project summary

For this project, ONSITE3D was contracted to undertake the fabrication and installation of carbon steel, stainless steel, threaded piping, and structural steel supports within a challenging environment at an explosives facility located at a steelmaking coal mine near Sparwood, BC.
Our comprehensive services encompassed 3D scanning of the facility, meticulous design and drafting, and prefabrication at our Grande Prairie facility. The components were then delivered to the site, where our skilled mechanical crews executed the installation with precision.
The project concluded as a notable success, achieving completion on schedule and within the allocated budget, showcasing our expertise and efficiency in managing complex industrial tasks.

project highlights

Carbon Steel: 2,000 FDI
Stainless Steel: 1,100 FDI
Structural Steel: 1,000 KG
Threaded Connections: 300

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