ONSITE3D has dedicated design labs in Calgary and Grande Prairie, Alberta. Our team of experts are the best in the business at working with 3D scan (PointClouds) and survey data. We understand the importance of having clear, accurate and up to date drawings which is why we use highly accurate pointclouds with dimensional control in conjunction with our drafting services. Our broad range of drafting services include As-built P&ID Packages, 3D Modeling, Pipeline design, IFC packages, BIM, Vessel analysis and many more.



• 3D Modeling & Drafting

• Piping Design

• Constructability Modeling

• As-built P&ID Packages

• Pre-fab Isometrics

• Structural Steel Detail Drawings

• Vessel & Tank Analysis

• IFC Packages

• As-built Modeling

• Deflection Analysis

• Digital Twin
• 5D BIM



• Senior Project Managers

• Senior Design Managers

• Senior Drafters

• Piping Designers

• CAD Technicians

• Document Control

• Project Controls /Administration

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