ONSITE3D has an advanced manufacturing facility in Grande Prairie, Alberta that can pre-fabricate your project to the highest standards. Our semi-autonomous robotic welding provides superior quality on a consistent and scalable basis. Robotic welding, combined with 3D QA / QC ensures your projects will be completed faster and more accurate with less rework and a lower cost to clients overall.

Consistent high-quality weld every time, means you can have peace of mind in the durability, safety, and efficiency of your project like never before. The level of accuracy and quality control that can be achieved with our automated welding process is unmatched in the industry today, and with the help of our team of experts, you can rest assured your project will be successful.



• Pipe Spooling
• Skid Assembly
• Module Assembly
• NDE Testing
• Hydrotesting
• Carbon Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Inconel 625
• Monel 400
• Structural Steel
• Glass Lined
• Fibreglass Reinforced



• Journeyman Pipefitters
• Pipefitter Apprentices
• CWB Structural Welders
• Rig Welders – B Pressure (CS)
• Rig Welders – B Pressure (SS)
• Welder Apprentices
• Welding Foremen
• Level 1 & 2 CSA 178.2 Visual        Weld Inspectors




• Piping Capacity 750 FDI/day
• 33,000 SQFT Shop
• 4 Acre Yard
• Heated Mod Assembly Bay
• 2 Robotic Spool Welders
• 10 Welding Bays
• NDE Bunker
• Digital Inspection
• Digital Spool Verification


• P1 – P1 Groups 1 & 2 (Carbon Steel)
• WPS’s without PWHT and with PWHT
• P8 to P8 Group 1 (Stainless Steel)
• P42 to P42 (Monel Alloys)
• P43 to P43 (Inconel Alloys)


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