Reduce costs and maximizing efficiency

Reduce costs and maximizing efficiency

Reduce your cost and stay on schedule with our advanced workflow and approach to construction. Incredibly accurate data captured by 3D scanning and robotic survey means we are able to eliminate time consuming field trips for verification and provide you with increased production speeds at a lower cost.

Fabrication Services

• 24,000 sqft fabrication facility 
• Approximately 1000 FDI per day
• Carbon Steel Pipe
• Stainless Steel Pipe
• Fibreglass Reinforced Pipe
• Glass Lined Pipe
• Structural Steel
• Spool Welding Robot
• Digital Inspection
• Digital Spool Verification
• Deformation Analysis

Automated Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art fabrication facilities in Red Deer and Grande Prairie utilizes innovative technology and an experienced crew to provide the absolute best in accuracy and quality. Our Robotic Spool Welder has a faster travel speed than a conventional welder, and can be positioned between multiple spools for increased productivity. Our innovative workflow increases efficiency and accuracy at every step over conventional workflows, allowing Onsite3D to offer lower prices than our competitors.

We've got the right team, resources, and capabilities
to make your project a success.

Operations Managers
Production Managers
Fabrication Managers
Pipefitting Hydrotest Foremen
B Pressure Welders
RoboFAB Operators
Quality Control Managers
QA/QC Inspectors (Lvl 1, 2, 3)


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