ONSITE3D has an experienced construction division that will seamlessly bring your construction project from start to finish. Our field crews use robotic layout and 3D installation packages to ensure the equipment and piping is properly set in place at each step to ensure overall success of the installation.


A strategic workflow that combines experience with technology provides turn-key solutions for your construction projects. Your project benefits from seamless communication, minimal handling, integrated project delivery, and direct team accountability. Complimentary services such as robotic manufacturing, 3D QAQC, and advanced survey combine to eliminate large portions of rework and increase cost-effectiveness.



When your construction projects are powered by high precision 3D models and automated fabrication – things tend to just fit into place like they should. From complex brownfield modifications to breaking ground on a new plant. You get what you see. Every time.



• Construction Project


• Construction


• Project Control Admins

• VDC Project Managers

• General Construction


• Mechanical Foremen

• CWB Structural Welders

• Rig Welders – B Pressure

CS / SS Piping

• Journeyman Pipefitters



• Crew Transport Vans

• ¾ on Crew Trucks

• Flat Deck Tool Trucks

• Mobile Rig Welding Units

• Construction Picker Trucks

• Mechanical Picker Trucks

• Transport Tandem Trailers

• Field Officer Trailers

• Utility Trailers

• Dump Trailers



• Facility Construction

• Well-Site Setup

• Brownfield Construction

• Meter Stations

• Compressors

• Separators

• Equipment Installation

• Treating Systems

• Modular Skid Package

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