mining & forestry

Mining and forestry are vital elements of the global economy and the technical groups at ONSITE3D can help you execute projects with more certainty. Understanding of complex terrain and forest structures is greatly enhanced by remote sensing technologies that offer rapid collection and analysis of large amounts of data. Digital twins of processing and storage facilities provide you with the ability to increase productivity and yields. Facility modifications, expansions, and turnarounds can be planned with precision using 5D BIM to minimize downtime and maximize the safety for workers.

Feel true confidence in the success of your next project. Choose ONSITE3D and benefit from advanced VDC workflows, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), digital technology solutions, and experienced technical and construction groups. We can support you as specialist technology partners or as a fully managed service provider as Prime or General Contractor.



• 3D Laser Scanning
• Digital Twin
• UAV Imaging
• Geomatics
• Design & Drafting
• Engineering
• Data Processing
• Data Management
• Fabrication
• Construction
• Maintenance
• Turnarounds



• Facility Construction
• Facility Maintenance
• Turnarounds
• Shutdowns
• Forestry Inventory
• Topographic Analysis
• Mine Infrastructure Analysis
• Processing Facility Modifications
• Storage Facility Expansion
• Density Analysis 
• Process Piping
• Structural Steel
• Equipment Installation



• Aerial Mapping
• UAV Orthomosaic
• Robotic Total Stations
• Digital Twin
• 5D BIM Simulation
• Augmented Reality (AR) Visualization
• Robotic Spool Welding

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