ONSITE3D strives to understand and minimize the impact of our activities on the environment. We work with our clients to meet or exceed legislated requirements and community expectations within the economic and technical constraints of a project through the following steps:

Our engagements are guided by our passion for building and maintaining value-added, long-term relationships with communities we are involved in, Indigenous peoples, regulatory and government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. We provide a respectful, safe, and engaging work environment where People Matter and diversity are considered assets.


Investing in the growth and development of our people

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace

ONSITE3D has fostered strategic partnerships to invest in the communities that we serve. Through these partnerships we are able to support community initiatives, raising awareness for inclusion and providing equal opportunities for individuals.


ONSITE3D is proud of the communities we serve, work and live in.

Our dedication to our employees and neighbors goes beyond our deep commitment to the highest environmental standards and world-class quality. It is the heart of our business and the foundation upon which our company continues to be built.

We believe in equality, inclusivity and innovation that drives opportunities and success for the future. A few of the ways that we are creating these opportunities in the community includes:

We have continued our passion for providing un-restricted funds by giving away a $1,000 scholarship each month to a student in the trades and commerce programs. We are working with other local businesses for these scholarships to foster a collaborative culture within the industry.

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