power & utility

The power and utility industry is growing and changing rapidly. Taking advantage of the latest technological advancements will ensure your projects are completed on time and within budget. By working with our experienced teams and technical workflows you can accurately and efficiently turn your physical assets into digital twins – enabling you to survey the facility virtually, plan modifications with greater accuracy, and perform 5D BIM simulations to reduce the likelihood of project overruns.

Feel true confidence in the success of your next project. Choose ONSITE3D and benefit from advanced VDC workflows, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), digital technology solutions, and experienced technical and construction groups. We can support you as specialist technology partners or as a fully managed service provider as Prime or General Contractor.



• 3D Laser Scanning
• Digital Twin
• 5D BIM Simulation
• Geomatics
• Design & Drafting
• Engineering
• Fabrication
• Construction
• Maintenance
• Project Management



• Facility Construction
• Plant Construction
• Process Piping Installation
• Structural Installation
• Water Management Facilities
• Process Equipment Installation
• Building and Mod Installations
• Pipe and Steel Fabrication
• Module Assembly
• Facility Turnarounds
• Maintenance Turnarounds
• Facility Modifications
• Process Improvement



• Aerial Mapping
• UAV Orthomosaic
• Robotic Total Stations
• Digital Twin
• 5D BIM Simulation
• Robotic Manufacturing
• Augmented Reality (AR) Visualization

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