ONSITE3D CEO Wade Eno, Honored with 2023 Indigenous Resource Leadership Award

Alberta Chamber of Resources

Edmonton, Alberta – March 5, 2024 – At the Edmonton Convention Centre, Wade Eno, CEO of ONSITE3D, was honored with the 2023 Indigenous Resource Leadership Award by the Alberta Chamber of Resources (ACR). This recognition celebrates Eno’s commitment and influential role as an Indigenous leader in Alberta’s resource sector.

Wade Eno accepting the Indigenous Resource Leadership Award at the 2023 ACR AGM & Awards Banquet

The ACR awarded Eno for his contributions to Indigenous engagement and partnerships in the industry. As a third-generation entrepreneur with a strong background in the energy sector, Eno has placed a strong focus in promoting Indigenous participation in Alberta and Canada, abroad.


As a Metis Nation of Alberta member, Eno has prioritized inclusivity, diversity, and community engagement at ONSITE3D. He has led the company in its efforts to increase Indigenous representation in its workforce and has actively established strategic partnerships to support community-driven initiatives and educational opportunities for Indigenous peoples.

Wade Eno speaking at the 2023 ACR AGM & Awards Banquet

The Indigenous Resource Leader of the Year Award, selected by a committee, acknowledges Eno’s work in fostering respectful relationships with First Nations communities and his commitment to environmental stewardship. The award also seeks a balanced perspective on ONSITE3D’s involvement with Indigenous programs and its commitment to the principles of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Reflecting on the award, Wade Eno shared,

This award is a testament to our team’s collective efforts at ONSITE3D. It reinforces our dedication to forming meaningful partnerships and upholding a culture of inclusivity and respect within our industry. We’re motivated to continue working towards a collaborative and prosperous future for all communities in Canada and our operational areas.

The ACR and its selection committee commended Wade Eno for his leadership and contributions to Alberta’s resource industry. This award not only celebrates Eno’s personal achievements but also highlights ONSITE3D’s efforts to enhance Indigenous participation and representation in the sector, promoting a path of collaboration and shared success.

Wade Eno speaking at the 2023 ACR AGM & Awards Banquet, the 2023 Indigenous Resource Leadership Award

For those passionate about the future of energy and the innovation-driven landscape of Alberta, engage with leaders like ONSITE3D, and visit our Indigenous Relations web page to learn more about ONSITE3D’s efforts and commitments: https://onsite3d.ca/indigenous-relations/

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