Leaders in Virtual Design and Construction

Onsite3D uses 3D laser scanning technology to give you an accurate model of existing assets through the full life cycle of your project.

We provide a complete and innovative solution to the issues you face during a project scope, from surveying, design, and construction to data hosting and management. When you work with us, you’re getting more than just an accurate picture of your project site. You’re getting continued support and the data you need to make informed decisions.

How Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Works

Our 3D laser technology allows you to visualize a to-scale model of what is being built long before you start construction. Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) technology captures as-built conditions for local or remote areas, giving you an exact representation of your real-world environment.

Everyone involved can easily see structures, objects, or natural features that affect your project, which means that designers, engineers, production foremen, and construction teams are all on the same page at every step of the process.

Superior Information

Laser scanning captures in-depth data that generates a digital 3D environment. This is called a point cloud, and it is created from multiple scans of your project site. Once the point cloud data is consolidated, we can extract traditional deliverables like 2D plans. The scanned data is visual, intuitive, and instantly useful. The 3D geometric data can be dimensioned and used to prepare CAD drawings and models. This ensures all engineering, construction, and maintenance projects begin on a solid and accurate footing.

Having complete and accurate dimensional documentation of your project improves communication and collaboration between team members because everyone has access to the same information. Accurate measurements are crucial for the success of infrastructure, turnkey, and facilities construction projects. This is especially true when sites are remote, traveling is dangerous, and downtime is costly.


It also improves safety for your team by reducing the number of personnel needed at remote or dangerous work sites. Laser Scanning is a non-contact measurement mitigating any interference with the equipment in question.

Hard to reach areas require special equipment to increase safety. Laser scanning has a measurement range of up to 100 meters reducing the need for fall arrest and other safety equipment for heights. Our drones can scout out dangerous areas before personnelle enter with cameras and infrared.


Our Services

Our professional and knowledgeable team is with you every step of the way to set your company up for success. We work with you through the surveying, design, and construction steps of your project, but we also provide data management and hosting services so you always have access to the information that matters most.

Engineering Services

With a private engineering practice registered and certified with APEGA, we’re able to work alongside your construction and design teams to teach them the workflow of a point cloud and help them utilize its full potential.

Data Services

Our dedicated and experienced teams visit your job sites to ensure that data is captured accurately and safely with our 3D laser scanners so that you can feel confident moving forward.

  • Data Acquisition (DAQ)
  • Aerial Drone Surveying
  • Digital Job Site Mapping
  • 3D As-Built & Modelling
  • As-Built Inspections
  • Data Management & Hosting

Who We Are

Our years of field experience and dedication to high standards of products, services, and processes has made Onsite3D a leader in virtual design and construction.

Our Commitment to Aboriginal Business

Founded by heritage-directed communication, procurement, and strategy, our plans are streamlined through understanding the history and culture of Canada’s first people. To achieve our vision of being a Canada first business, we have partnered with community-owned Techumseh Energy Services Inc.

We strive to ensure we are at the forefront of internal and community development, including our commitment to maintaining the employment and training of Canada’s Aboriginal leaders.

Wade (Tyler) Eno

President & CEO
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Kyle Pickering

VP Virtual Data Lead
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Danny Allingham

Site Superintendent
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Justine Eno

CFO & Administraion
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